Visual Art Portfolio

Artist Statement:

The driving force behind my work is the opportunity to investigate someone’s story and illuminate a person’s past existence. My process begins with collecting black and white photographs of individuals connected to me from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Often times the connection to the photograph are my family members. These ephemeral documents are the main inspiration of my work. As a visual storyteller, I use these photographs as a starting point to create portraits that are an artistic exploration of the subject matter’s narrative, and in turn helps me understand my own family’s story. Despite extensive research through interviews and documents, the subjects often remain a mystery. The background in the photographs often times do not give much information to whom the individual is. Thus, leaving the background stark white gives additional space for a story to be questioned and filled with a narrative of what could be. Not being able to fully unveil the subjects, they will remain faceless as a continuing questioning of the narrative and identity.